Magento 2

So lately I have been doing a lot of work in Magento and I feel it’s been a while since anyone has mentioned Magento 2. It has been mentioned that it will be launching late this year which is great but what I bet a lot of people do not know is that you can start playing with it now. As with Magento 1, there is a way you can checkout the community version now off of GitHub. You can grab it by going here or clone the git repository with this link git://

Now this is no way the final release so things may change and stuff might not work but to get a jump start ahead of many of the other developers is a great thing to do. By the time this thing releases you will already know how to use the new file strcture, which by the way has changed significantly, and you will be able to use one of my favorite new features JQuery. This single handedly is the greatest feature they could add and one that many people have been asking for.

The developers have also setup a new Wiki with documentation on Magento 2. It isn’t all there but it is a great start to get to know the new version of magento. You can check it out here

I would love to hear what everyone thinks of the Magento 2 and how they feel the development is coming.