Yii and Up and Coming Framework

Today i want to talk about an up and coming framework called Yii. But before I do I want o give you a little background on the other frameworks I have used. I have used CakePHP, Zend Framework and Code Igniter. All have their advantages and disadvantages but none of them really worked for me. Zend is probably my least favorite which is ironic since i have been doing a lot of work in Magento and it is based off this framework. I just never could get into it when I used it and taking over somebody else’s project was a hassel to me. CakePHP was great but I havent had to many projects that I have used it in and the same goes for Code Igniter. I would have probably used them more if any of them really caught my intrest but Yii has caught my intrest and I love it.

Even though Yii is in it’s young stage compared to everyone else i feel it has a lot to offer. It is one of the few event driven frameworks out there and it does not concern itself with PHP4 compatibility which is great because it looses a lot of bloat that a lot of frameworks have by still supporting it.

Yii overall is very quick to use thanks to the GUI named Gii which it uses for making your models, views and controllers. This saves a lot of time because it will put all of your files in the right spots as well as give you the flexibility to limit or extend it as much as you want. To me this is important because with CakePHP I always felt like I was fighting the way it wanted to do things when there was something I wanted to do that was out of it’s normal bounds.

Yii has another advantage that i like and that is the ability for people to create extensions and plugins and the community has expanded on this quite quickly. I feel that at this pace it could have the potential to have community like WordPress where you can get a wide arrange of plugins and extensions to help build your projects even faster.

I will continue to write about Yii and how I feel it is changing and keep everyone updated as it progresses. If you want to check it out click here for yourself and let me know how you feel about it.