Magento and is it worth using

I have built many e-commerce sites. Everything from custom to using an e-commerce like magento and I have come to a decision. Building custom e-commerce sites just isn’t cost effective any more. Clients today want solutions that can be expanded on and that can save time. they want to cut costs by using plugins and they want to use something that can be updated by anyone.

I think wordpress really started this movement. To me it was the first to really show what a community of people can do and how easy it can be to maintain and because it is so widely used finding a programmer to work in it has become a breeze. This is the reason magento is becoming such a popular choice. Clients want to know that at the end of the day if for some reason you cannot do work with them anymore, they can find somebody to pick up the slack.

Magento offers a lot right out of the box and has the power of paypal behind it so you know it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon but the biggest advantage is the fact that there are many plugins available for little to know money that can really push your e-commerce site to new levels very quickly. Another advantage over building a custom site is the fact that you save so much time building the admin. This is the biggest advantage to me as a programmer because this is where I spend most of my time. Having to build something you have built many times becomes tedious and eventually you get bored which has happened to me many times.

Now this isn’t a review of magento. This is more of my thoughts and experiences that I have had over the years and the current trends that are going on in the industry. Many big companies are going this way. Let me know what you think. What are you using?